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We're educated, experienced Wellness Managers & Practitioners who are forever learning, growing and striving to reach new heights and we love sharing our knowledge with anyone who will listen. 

We're passionate about taking care of ourselves, our clients, our community and our planet.
Grounded in integrity, we strive to provide safe, engaging and effective treatments and programming that is about more than fitness and nutrition - we want to help you develop a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle so you can feel good about the life you're creating.


Driven by a passion for helping people to live well, Julie has acquired a wealth of education and experience in the wellness field. From yoga and fitness to nutrition and personal growth, her own wellness journey has dictated the direction of a career in wellness spanning over 12 years.


Not long after feeling relief from Osteopathic Manual Therapy for chronic shoulder and neck issues that were actually rooted in her hip, did she herself enrol and begin her education. Drawing from her background, she aims to share a well-rounded treatment experience that is both therapeutic and educational. 

The philosophy of osteopathy was what attracted her to the practice: consideration of the body as a whole combined with the logical understanding of the direct correlation between the mechanics of the body and health - meaning the body works most optimally when in alignment. This practice sources the cause of your symptoms, and works to improve the issue through gentle manipulation to allow your body to function at its best. This is done through consideration of how you move, stand, sit and sleep - Julie will connect the dots by releasing sore, tight muscles and fascia (a connective network of tissue in your body) and by ensuring optimal joint function optimally.


This can leave you feeling energized, moving better with more clarity and less aches. 



Adam is a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association. Prior to studying Osteopathy, he graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology.

A lifetime of various sports as well as 10 years of competitive rugby left Adam with a laundry list of injuries  at a young age that set him on a path of figuring out how to reverse and manage pain in its many forms. Trying various types of therapy with little success, he eventually found an Osteopathic Manual Therapist who was able to correct his neck while tying it into rib, digestive and low back issues.

At the heart of osteopathy lies the principle of association. It’s an understanding of the interconnectedness of all structures in the body and how dysfunction in one place can lead to a chain reaction of dysfunction in other areas of the body. Each person is unique and requires an individually tailored approach to treatment. Adam’s goal in treatment is to leave no stone unturned as he assesses all areas of the body to find the root cause of your symptoms and pain. Once these areas are corrected, the body can begin its own natural healing processes.


I went in with an injury, very little knowledge of what an Osteopath does, and a healthy does of skepticism! After several months of treatment I am free of my recurring injury, improving my overall body mechanics and able to be more active in life due to all of the above, Not only am I feeling better, I better understand my body and how keep it running healthy(er).

Nick B.

Shoulder Treatment
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