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(ˈhēliNG): A return to wholeness

At Arise Wellness & Osteopathy, we believe well-being is found within the harmony of alignment. The way you feel is influenced by how your body moves, what you ingest, the quality of your thoughts & environment, and the value of your intentions. 


The foundations of our approach are based in:

  • Movement & Alignment

  • Nutrition & Nourishment

  • Mindset & Growth

  • Community & Connection


Our goal is to simplify taking great care of yourself, either in our clinic in Kitchener, Ontario, through our Corporate Wellness offering or our online programming. We aim to offer an efficient and effective means of self improvement to help you move forward on your healing journey.

Work with our team toward improvement in each area, to discover the beauty of wholeness, improved well-being and a life well lived.

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Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a gentle alignment based practice aimed to improve function of all systems of the body by relieving tension through all tissues from the fascia just deep to the skin down to the joints. 

Osteopathic philosophy believes the human body is a functional unit, meaning all parts and systems work together and can influence one another. When the body is out of alignment, dis-ease is the result. We work to relieve the misalignment and deal with the source of the problem to alleviate symptoms.

The osteopathic approach focuses on why you're feeling pain, or discomfort and corrects the problem, releasing compensational patterns then allows the body to do the rest. Like when you have a minor cut, the body goes to work to heal itself.

Whether it's an acute tweak, chronic pain, numbness or preventative care, Osteopathic Manual Therapy can help.

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Having an informative baseline at the onset of any change is invaluable. If you've decided to improve any area of your lifestyle, we can help you get clear on your starting point, aid you in setting realistic goals, and guide you on your path. Join us one Saturday morning a month to get started or check in on your progress. Your coaching session includes "before & after" 3D body composition scans with our Styku Scanner.

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526 Frederick St, Kitchener ON. 

Parking lot access from Ann St.

Enter from the parking lot and head down the stairs, we're on the left.



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Our roots are in corporate wellness - bringing balance to the workplace through wellness culture management, in-office offerings such as fitness/yoga classes, lunch & learns, and manual therapy treatments on-site.

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  • What is Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT)?
    Osteopathy is a gentle alignment based practice founded in the late 1800s as an alternate form of treatment to conventional medicine at the time. Working with all layers of your tissues from fascia & muscles to joints & bones, OMT works to resolve the cause of your symptoms rather than just the symptoms themselves. This is done by gently realigning your structure with the aim to improve blood flow, neural flow and lymphatic drainage to allow the body to function as optimally as possible.
  • Who can benefit from OMT?
    Everyone. Keeping your body as aligned as possible allows for more pain-free, symptom free days with improved health, energy and increased longevity. Patients see us for help with: Aches and Pains Injury Rehab Assistance Post Concussion Post-Partum Care Relief from Headaches Digestive Issues Preventative Care
  • What should I expect during treatment?
    Your initial treatment will include a discussion of your entire health history - the more we get to know about you, the better equipped we are to help you. There will be an assessment to see how you sit, stand, move and how your tissues function, we will begin addressing what needs to be treated, usually starting from the foundation of the body, the pelvis. Subsequent treatments include a general reassessment and treatment will build upon how your body responds to your previous session. One patient has described the practice as feeling like someone doing yoga to you. Following treatment, it is possible to feel after effects as your body adjusts to things being where they are supposed to be. Muscle soreness equivalent to a post workout sensation is not uncommon. Please wear something comfortable that you can be moved in, socked feet is preferred.
  • How often will I need treatment?
    Our goal as Osteopathic Manual Practitioners at Arise, is to not have to see you. ☺️ We love our patients but want to address the reason for your symptoms, get you feeling better and send you on your way. To note the effect of the initial treatment, we like to see new patients back-to-back the first two weeks where possible. From there your treatment regime is dictated by how your body responds to treatment, how well things stay aligned and the nature of how you use your body. The goal is to get you to a place where you come for preventative tune ups/ check-ins for maintenance and prevention or if needed. Dependant on your case, it is common to begin to feel relief between the 1st-4th treatment - it occasionally requires more if you have a long history of chronic issues, the nature of your injuries, and how you use your body. For example someone who performs manual labour or repeated movements daily, works out consistently or plays sports may require a more consistent treatment schedule.
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