Offering morning, midday or after work opportunities for employees to blow off steam, move better, stay pain-free, learn a few things & achieve some goals.


Let us take over your wellness programming.


We can customize a plan that works best for your office - from trial classes to complete wellness culture overhauls, we'll do the good work to help improve the well-being of your employees.  



Variety of Fitness Classes

Yoga & Mobility Classes


Manual Therapy

Nutrition Counselling

Lunch & Learns



We can help you boost morale, engagement, and productivity around your office.


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According to a Sunlife and Ivey Business school study,

Wellness programs save about 1.5 to 1.7 days in absenteeism per worker over 12 months, or an estimated $251 per employee per year in savings.”


"A study carried out at Harvard University in 2010 suggested an ROI of $3.27 for every dollar invested in wellness programs, with $2.73 of that related to a decrease in absence alone."



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From the Huffington Post,

"What happens when employees feel great, feel valued, are engaged and do their best work? The business wins.

A study published in the January issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine tracked the stock performance of 45 publicly-traded companies that earned top scores on employee health and wellness scorecards. The study found the high scorers outperformed the 500 largest U.S. companies listed on the S&P 500 index by 235 percent over a six-year period."

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In Psychology Today,

"There is also evidence suggesting that exercise during regular work hours may boost performance. Take, for example, the results of a Leeds Metropolitan University study, which examined the influence of daytime exercise among office workers with access to a company gym (Or fitness program). 

Within the study, researchers had over 200 employees at a variety of companies self-report their performance on a daily basis. They then examined fluctuations within individual employees, comparing their output on days when they exercised to days when they didn’t.


Here’s what they found: On days when employees visited the gym, their experience at work changed. They reported managing their time more effectively, being more productive, and having smoother interactions with their colleagues. Just as important: They went home feeling more satisfied at the end of the day."

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